ActionScript Decompiler

or how to view ActionScript
and extract it from a SWF file

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SWF files are usually created in Adobe® Flash® or Flex and use ActionScript code, which adds motion and interactivity to them. It allows creating rich multimedia applications, websites, web-based games, etc. Whenever you need to make some changes to SWF file's scripts, you will be needing its source FLA or Flex files, which can be opened and edited in Adobe Flash or Flex environment.

You lost the source files for your Flex application or SWF file, but desperately need to view ActionScript code and modify it.

Common solutions:
Create the whole project in Flash or Flex anew.
Disadvantages: Takes too much of time and efforts even if the changes needed to be made are minor.
Order recreation of the project from a professional Flash developer.
Disadvantages:Although it doesn't take your personal time, it can be a very costly method.

Unfortunately none of the above methods allows fast and reasonably priced modification of your SWF project.

Eltima Solution: quick and inexpensive way to decompile ActionScript!

AS viewer by Eltima Software is an inexpensive solution for fast and effective ActionScript decompilation, scripts and other SWF file elements extraction to various formats and FLA (or Flex project) restoration. Flash Decompiler Trillix - an essential AS viewer - fully supports AS 2.0 and 3.0.

With ActionScript viewer by Eltima you can:
Search through ActionScript of all SWF files in the tasks list simultaneously;
Extract ActionScript to AS and TXT (P-code or Hex Dump) formats;
Edit SWF file even without converting it to FLA (with Windows version of the product).
Decompile and convert SWF files created in Flex to their source format;

In this section Flash Decompiler is presented as a ActionScript Viewer, we have also created a ActionScript Viewer HOW-TO Area, which will help you easily learn the basics of using our software.

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