How to:

extract ActionScript from SWF
with ActionScript Viewer by Eltima

Flash Decompiler Trillix allows you to view and extract ActionScript and other SWF elements (such as images, sounds, videos, etc.). Make it easy with ActionScript Viewer!
Follow the steps given below to find out how to extract ActionScript:
Download and launch Flash Decompiler Download Flash Decompiler Trillix and then launch it and add the SWF file to "My Tasks" list
Now please switch to "Extract" tab that you can see on the ribbon next to "Manage" tab
You can either browse for the destination folder for the scripts you are going to extract or manually enter the path to it in the "Export path" box
If you want the export results to be opened right after the process was finished, tick "Open destination folder after extraction" checkbox
Preview the ActionScript code of a SWF file in Flash Decompiler main player window and tick all the scripts you want to extract in "My Tasks" list
Now switch to "Formats" tab and choose the format you want the scripts to be extracted to: AS or TXT (P-code, Hex Dump or P-code and Hex Dump)
All that is left to do is press "Extract SWF objects" button and get the results you anticipated
That's It! Thank you for downloading ActionScript Viewer by Eltima!
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