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Flash Decompiler Trillix
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ActionScript decompiler on the web

View ActionScript
With AS viewer by Eltima Software you can:
  • Conveniently view ActionScript of a SWF file. There are three view modes available: common representation of AS code, P-code and Hex dump views
  • Use local ActionScript search through the current script and global ActionScript search through all SWF file(s) that were added to Flash Decompiler tasks list
  • Extract ActionScript code from your SWF files and easily save them in AS or TXT formats. The latter allows extracting scripts as P-code, hex dump or combined
AS Viewer

View ActionScript right in Flash Decompiler interface

or how to browse swf file

Flash Decompiler Trillix is a multi-purpose decompiler for ActionScript. It can extract AS and other SWF elements (such as images, sounds, videos, etc.). When you add a SWF file to the tasks list you can examine its inner structure with the help of detailed tree view.

ActionScript search

or how to search within ActionScript

ActionScript viewer allows browsing through the selected scripts in order to examine their structure. Global ActionScript search is also available and allows searching through the scripts of selected SWF file or through all SWF files in the tasks list.

Convert SWF file with its ActionScript to FLA and then edit it in Adobe Flash

or how to view ActionScript

ActionScript decompiler allows converting SWF file to FLA (or Flex project files, depending on source), which then can be edited in its native Flash or Flex environment.

I did try other products before using Flash Decompiler Trillix and chose Trillix because of the variety of things you could use it for. All the other programs were extremely limited.

Rohan Barar

Do you want to keep your flash files clean and working perfectly, ALWAYS? Then Eltima SWF Editor it's definitely the leading software for you.

Izzy La Boy
You can try ActionScript Viewer free demo and preview the results immediately.